Wednesday, January 21, 2015

#214 - Adabyzantium

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Ep. #214 - Adabyzantium

• Intro - We can never remember what number the show is. That means we're so far into this dream that we can't tell how many levels down we are anymore. Our sponsors DCBS may know. They give you between 20% and 40% off of all things purchased through their website. Go go go! This is not a drill!

• Topic Thunder - Marvel announces that they'll be doing something with Battles and Worlds and somehow it involves pizza, we're not even really sure what the hell is going on. We talk about it though.

• Top 5 - TWO Top Fives! The first is "The Top 5 Books Marvel Shouldn't (but totally should) Do After Their Relaunch Thing" and the second is "The Top 5 Books Marvel Really Should Do After the Relaunch Thing."

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