Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#215 - A Wild Guest Appears

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Ep. #215 - A Wild Guest Appears

• Intro - David escaped into the night and left Austin to record with a special guest, but no matter. It's business as usual. A trailer for that new movie about four people who may or may not be fantastic came out. Our sponsors DCBS give you between 20% and 40% off of all things purchased through their website, including the graphic novel March.

• You Should Read This - Austin and the special guest discuss this incredibly important graphic novel, and Austin can't speak for his co-host, but he certainly feels he didn't do it enough justice. Please read it.

• Top 5 - TWO Top Fives! The first is "Top 5 Things We Look For In a Comic" and the second is "Top 5 Awkwardly Sexual Super Powers."

• Outro - WHAAAAA

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