Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#220 - Zora the Explorer

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Ep. #220 - Zora the Explorer

• Intro - We didn't skip recording to eat pizza and gummi bears, not this week at least. Our sponsors DCBS have the Powers hardcovers for like, a big discount.

• Topic Thunder - A new Daredevil trailer came out for the Netflix original series, and nope, there is not a hint of a red costume as of yet. David will cry, but to even it out Austin cries later about meta bullshit, so waah waah all day long. The first episode of Powers is up for free, available to everyone, and the other episodes can be viewed by PS+ members. We chat about the pilot, with minor amounts of crying.

• Club Book - We discuss volume 3 of Planetary by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday. You need to read it, because it's great. Don't start on Volume 3 though. Not sure I had to tell you that, but yeah. Start on Volume 1.

Make sure you check out our Cinnamen DC Double-Feature, where we talk about Superman II, the Richard Donner cut, and...Catwoman, one of the worst atrocities the human race has ever perpetrated against itself.

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