Thursday, March 19, 2015

#221 - Two-Dimensional and 3D Too

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Ep. #221 - Two-Dimensional and 3D Too

• Intro - David went to Texas and so we had to chat using some kind of weird, massive megaphone. Austin edited the show, so it sounds awful for like, a lot of reasons. Our sponsors DCBS don't let that stop them from carrying fantastic deals.

• Topic Thunder - There was a variant cover drawn for Batgirl, and some people didn't like it. The artist of that image, Rafael Albuquerqe, asked DC to forego publishing the image, and they agreed. We chat about that some.

• Club Book - The final installment of the Planetary discussion. Volume 4 wraps up the story, somewhat, and we see the characters realize something about themselves. Or, one of them anyway. Well. Just read the series. You can get the omnibus here for WAY cheaper than normal.

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