Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#236 - Apologetic Nostalgia

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Ep. #236 - Apologetic Nostalgia

• Intro - For comics at an outrageously high discount, head over to DCBS - their site offers between 20 and 40% off! Batman Begins was a film (is still a film, in fact) and it gets a few seconds.

• Topic Thunder - We discuss Airboy #2, written by James Robinson and illustrated by Greg Hinkle. The issue contained some transphobic language and situations. James Robinson issued a statement through GLAAD, and the Comics Alliance article we cite on-air by Charlotte Finn is available here.

• Nostalgia In Art - How much is nostalgia utilized by modern art and pop-culture? Is it having a detrimental effect? Is everything created inherently nostalgic? A Top 5 caps off this segment, and then a special appearance by a phone message (sort of) recorded literally as we were recording. That makes sense once you hear it.

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