Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#237 - The SDCC 2015 Recap

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Ep. #237 - 

• Intro - For comics at an outrageously high discount, head over to DCBS - their site offers between 20 and 40% off! Thank you to Catie for the email, and Brian Jaspellonius Jaggett Daggett for our voicemail. You can be like them! Email us at, call our Google voice account at 720-HIDEOUS.

• Topic Thunder - San Diego Comic Con International happened, a lot of announcements were made, and we discuss the ones that we think will be fun to discuss. And yes, there is an argument about the word "romp" and which things it can and cannot be applied to. If that's your jam, then you're in luck. We didn't even talk about Star Wars.

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