Wednesday, November 18, 2015

#254 - The Shirt Cannon of Doom

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Ep. #254 - The Shirt Cannon of Doom

• Intro - EVERY SINGLE HELLBOY BOOK IS 45% OFF. Still. Go over there and buy that stuff. Austin is sick, Frank Miller hates, full stop, he Hates. Well, he doesn't hate giving Superman a huge dick. But whater'ya'gonna'do? We review Superman American Alien #1 by Max Landis, Nick Dragotta, Alex Guimares, and John Workman.

• Club Book - Hellboy Right Hand of Doom, Volume 4. This volume has more short stories than the previous, and a nice varied palette of storytelling, both character- and visually-driven. We see Mignola's writing start to gain its finer point, with the focus being shifted, and we also have the most iconic three panels from any comic ever.

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