Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#255 - Conquerer Jones

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Ep. #255 - Conquerer Jones

• Intro - EVERY SINGLE HELLBOY BOOK IS 45% OFF. This is not a drill. It's the holidays, so make someone happy with the gift of Hellboy (or other Dark Horse books, which are all 45% off too). Knitting, listener email, Iron Fist opinions, opinions about other comics, and what we think about Jessica Jones on Netflix. Comics and comics and comics.

• Club Book - Hellboy vol. 5, Conqueror Worm is on the dance floor and we are swingin' with it, doing the Mashed Potato, every dance you can think of. Yes, we are Whipping and Nae Nae-ing too. This is a big turning point in the story of Hellboy, and this trade is a great demonstration of character work by Mike Mignola as writer, which is occasionally maybe overshadowed by Mike Mignola the artist.

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