Wednesday, October 20, 2010

#007 - Suicide Gerbils and Dissected Stories

Four separate psychics told you your life would change in a major way, and here you are. Use your freshly read palm to leave us comments on this, our seventh episode. Just click on "Comment" or whatever, and if that's too scary then skulk over to Twitter, Facebook, or your nearest email location to send us predictions at Here's what your future will look like while it's becoming your past.

Episode 7:
• Intro: We babble and tell a weird story about Austin.
• Read 'Em and Weep: "Strange Tales Volume II: #1" and "Locke and Key: Keys To the Kingdom #2" get reviewed. We talk about them a lot.
 • Couch Change: You take our advice and spend your rent money on entertainment. At least you'll have something to read when you're alone forever!

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson transform into mythical creatures and don't even notice a difference in grooming habits. Running a solid 50:06, there is a large amount of talking and only a small amount of questionable feelings related. This world is all about communication.


  1. Sweet Ethiopian dance music dude!

    First time I've had that problem with chrome, i actually had to resort to downloading firefox to listen to the show, which is a sign of how much i like the show, because firefox blows my nuts.

  2. It might have something to do with Chrome, actually, because another listener was reporting hearing some "weird Indian dance music."

    Right now it looks like Firefox is the best solution, other than us creating a downloadable link for the show, which I am working on right now!