Wednesday, October 13, 2010

#006 - Horrendous Eddie!

 Now the oceans become still, and the air is ignited with the heat from Hideous Energy episode 6. We can only beg you so long to talk to us through our blog (the one you're on right now, so it's easy), on Twitter, Facebook, or within the email world at What's coming at you? I'm glad you asked.

Episode 6:
• Topic Thunder: New York Comic Con happened, and we talk about it! Then about movies that are based on comics - like always!
 • Interview! Yep, this is the episode featuring our first Hideous Energy interview. Comic book writer/artist Alex Robinson ("Box Office Poison," "Too Cool To Be Forgotten," "Tricked," "A Kidnapped Santa Claus,") allows us to talk with him about all kinds of goofy (and serious) things. He's an angel and we're all in love with him. Buy his things, and support his awesomeness.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson are so happy to be stuck with you. Guest starring Emery Peck - Huey Lewis impersonator and one-man News cover band. This is an episode for the ages because we bring someone from the outside world into our insane fantasy land. You have an hour and twenty-three minutes of this show to enjoy this week.

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