Wednesday, October 6, 2010

#005 - The Quest for Hall and Oates

Nuclear Man

Episode five is here for you. Maybe you're sick, and need comforting. Allow us to do so. To thank us for this - or to tell us why we're inadequate - come right here, to this blog, or maybe over on Twitter, Facebook, or even send us an email to Keep reading to find out what you'll be discussing with your therapist.

Episode 5:
• Topic Thunder: Zack Snyder is set to direct the new Superman movie! There's maybe possibly a new Wonder Woman TV show? And Emma Stone is cast in the new Spider-Man movie.
• Couch Change: Hooker coins. Listen for more information on this.
• Gimme the Goods: A new segment where we talk about what we haven't read yet, but really freaking want to. Feel free to tell us the goods you're after.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson are sophisticated talking robots, only in that they run on Powerade and Taco Bell. Joined by special guest star Emery Peck, this show will probably creep you out, and maybe make you think. This one runs for 49 minutes and 22 seconds. And is of Spanish and German descent.

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