Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#019 - Business As Usual (Read: Spice Girls Are Discussed)

The nineteenth episode delivers yet more commentary on news! We talk about the stuff you're talking about too, and we generally talk pretty much just like you do! Ask us how/why we are so weird on Twitter (hideousenergy), Facebook, or through email at was generous enough to host a forum for us, so go over there and make them realize it was good idea. Download us at iTunes, and maybe even leave a comment about us there.

Episode 19:
• Intro - Marriage is a beautiful thing; our favorite Spice Girls; and that might be it, I think.
• Topic Thunder - The Human Torch, we knew ye well; Wizard/Toyfare; Christopher Nolan is spoiling us all.
• Couch Change - There are always things to buy. Please buy them. Go here and get Katie Cook's "Fuck You, Box!" It's great.
• Top 5 - Comics That Should Have Lavish Musicals (featuring guest star Emergy Peck)! This was suggested by fan Seth Breedlove. Thanks Seth. You rock.
• Outro - We say goodbye quickly.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson know they can't dance, but sometimes they do it anyway. This episode is 55:04 long; it is a sprint, rather than a marathon, of dumbness. Download this show on iTunes, and let our voices either lull you to sleep, or make you so crazy you talk to your lamps!

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