Wednesday, January 12, 2011

#017 - Members of Planet Earth

On this week's episode of Hideous Energy the guys figure out that they are tiny members of a gigantic planet. It's somewhat obvious, but hard to grasp occasionally. Tell them what this means to you on Twitter (hideousenergy), Facebook, and email them at More importantly, download their show on iTunes, and jump over to and talk to the guys on the forum. They love talking. Obviously.

Episode 17:
• Intro - The smell of Tauntaun innards; international love; and really dark discussions of suicide.
• Topic Thunder -Alan Moore and his beard; DC loves Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns; and who the hell knows what else?
• Read 'Em and Weep - Who Is Jake Ellis? and Sweet Tooth! Some punctuation added for emphasis.
• Top 5 - Normal Things We Would Love To See Alan Moore Do.
• Outro - Auf Wiedersehn; language discussions;

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson are flying kites and eating Cinnabons; they are not playing Ultimate Frisbee. This episode runs 1:10:27, and is filled with a lot of awkwardness. Swing by and our forums, and definitely download us on iTunes. Now. We dance.

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