Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#016 - A Birthday Rambling

 NOTE: Quetzalcoatl art by Dan Staten

For Christmas we got a brand new title card by Liz Suburbia (go check out "Sacred Heart"). She definitely captured our mindset and feel with this title card, and we can't thank her enough. Tell us what you think about it, and the show, on Twitter (hideousenergy), maybe on Facebook, or how about in the email box? Stop by and visit our forum. We will talk about a lot of stuff, yeah! You can download us on iTunes, as well.

Episode 16:
• Intro - 2012 and Quetzalcoatl, and his (hers? its?) connections to Dragonball Z and/or pterodactyls; more Liz Suburbia; and some disgusting alternate titles for the show.
• Topic Thunder - DC pricing, and our mental wanderings; Axel Alonso is named Editor-In-Chief of Marvel, and Joe Quesada is made Chief Creative Officer; we manage to talk about a ton of other stuff in the midst of this.
• David's Birthday List - We run down every comic David got for his birthday (and a little for Christmas, I think); it goes here, there, and everywhere; this segment is set in the year ElephantSymbol, taking place in Taco Germany. Also, here is that Darwyn Cooke "Parker" portfolio.

• Outro - No other birthdays left. This isn't as dramatic as it sounds.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson both have obsessive compulsive tendencies, and it's pretty obvious when you look at the evidence. This show runs 1:26:31, and doesn't have a Top 5, but does have plenty of talk about afterbirth and Christmas stories. Check out and our forums, and download us on iTunes. We need you. In a good way though.


  1. Hey guys; funny show :)

    I think it was this episode where you joked if the Canadian dollar symbol is different than your own and technically it is.

    In Canadian English the dollar sign is similar to the US one but instead of two lines through the "S" there's only one.

    At least that's what I was taught in grade school.

    Nobody really pays attention to this anymore though.

  2. Hey guys,
    Love the show, but really can it be made downloadable somewhere else then Itunes? The online player just keeps hanging up on me during the show.

    Keep up the good work,

    Gerard, from the Netherlands