Wednesday, May 4, 2011

#032 - All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

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Episode 32:
• Intro - We think of really great ways to spend money, that are worthwhile and not wasteful at all; and you see behind the scenes.
• Topic Thunder - Is the Lizard going to kill Spider-Man; drug abuse is given awards; and Superman can only get your attention if he's mean.
• You Should Read This - Criminal: The Dead and the Dying by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, and Locke and Key (the whole series, really) Keys To the Kingdom #6 by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.
• Top 5 - Completely Fictional Drugs We Would Definitely Try.
• The Listen Bitches -There's a party up in heeeeere!

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson can quit any time they want to, so shut up. No. NO! They don't have a problem! This show runs 1:29:56, and is a cry for help. Download the show on iTunes, and let people know that everything will be okay.

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