Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#034 - We Hate How Much We Love You

We love our listeners, and we even mention some of them on this episode. If we didn't get to you, we will try to in another episode. You guys rock. Go talk to us on Twitter. Send Top 5 ideas, or even just hey how are ya's to Facebook will have things on it, trust me. hosts forums for us, and other things too. Our Tumblr account could be a museum one day. Comic Booked posts our weirdness, so please go look at them and their weirdness. Really though, go to iTunes and own us for nothing. You will be happy.

Episode 34:
• Intro - We chat about all kinds of things. It is jovial and shit.
• Topic Thunder - Stephen Spielberg and Peter Jackson laugh at your reality; Lucy Knisley gets yelled at by Warner Brothers; and rhyming makes stupid ideas better, doesn't it Smallville?
• You Should Read This - Jar of Fools by Jason Lutes, and Fantastic 4: World's Greatest by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch
• Top 5 - Worst Comic - Related TV Shows That Haven't Happened Yet
• The Listen Bitches - Disgusting metaphors. It's what we do. Listen to these songs and picture us dancing.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson know what darkness lies in the hearts of men. This show runs 1:13:30, and is weird. If you want the craziness to stay with you, download us on iTunes. Your whole family can listen!

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