Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#035 - King Babar's Hell Club

Holy lord. This episode has some comics talk, but it also has disturbing portions of our psyche pouring out. Help us deal on Twitter. Join the elite club of people who have emailed us by sending anything to Facebook lets you see our faces, kind of. has forums, and we'll talk to you through there too! Our Tumblr account won't have pictures like King Babar, but better, less sadistic ones. Comic Booked will let you listen to us, so do it. Downloading us through iTunes is one way to ensure you are leading a good and healthy life.

Episode 35:
• Intro - Hypothetical questions lead to discussions about things we've already discussed before, kind of.
• Topic Thunder - Stan Lee forgot where he put his keys, car, apartment, and Spider-Man cameo secret; IDW prepares to release more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; and Christopher Nolan owns your ass.
• New Reader Extravaganza - Thanks to listener Tiffany (Strafebomb or PianoC4) for the inspiration for this segment. We talk about new readers, and discuss ways to get them into comics.
• Top 5 - A sequel to episode #003; Animals We Would Fight: King Babar's Hell Club.
• The Listen Bitches - Have a wonderful day. Or night. Music makes your emotion muscles flex.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson could probably do a Top 5 of animals they'd fight every week. They won't though. They seriously will not do that. This show runs 1:39:39. A LOT of animals were harmed in its recording. If you download us on iTunes, though, it will all be undone. King Babar is vicious, but righteous.

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