Thursday, June 2, 2011

#036 - The DC Re-Explosion Show

There was an announcement made by DC comics that spread through the world not unlike the fire those aliens from Independence Day (ID4) unleashed on us. We talk about that. Give us your opinion on Twitter. Type pages and pages of words to us through Facebook needs you there. Fanoff is a community for you to have fun in. Tumblr has eye food. Comic Booked has a party goin' on! If you really love us, download us from iTunes. That will show us. Yeah.

Episode 36:
• Intro - Boom.
• Topic Thunder -We discuss the announcement that DC will be rebooting their publishing roster, publishing 52 #1 issues in September, along with releasing the digital copies of new books on the same day and date as the hard copies. Also, there is a giant helping of fan/listener opinion there to balance out an entire show of David and I talking about a single thing.
• The Listen Bitches - Rock. Roll. Dance. Live.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson don't know what to do with themselves sometimes. When that happens they just curl up and shake. This show runs 1:45:14. Go to iTunes and download the show. And if you're a comic illustrator looking for collaboration, let us know! Our contact info is up there, and pretty much everywhere!

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