Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#045.1 - Why Can't You Just Say What You Mean?

Here on #045 we talk about people saying things they either didn't mean, or meant to sound different. Then, from the heavens above, we are delivered our very own version of this. The world is a thematic place.  Say things purposefully or otherwise on Twitter. Email with either Top 5 suggestions, or anything at all. Facebook lets you see who else is into our particular brand of nuttiness. Fanoff is sort of like that too, so go there and check out the forums! Tumblr lets you see what we're seeing. Comic Booked has other podcasts, including ours, so go listen and look. Really though, downloading us on iTunes is the most important thing in your life.

Episode 45:
• Intro - We completely rewrite history, specifically World War II. Also, go check out our Joshua Hale Fialkov interview!
• Topic Thunder - Miles Morales is the new Ultimate Spider-Man, and people are freaking out in every possible way; more talk of DC and women, now with more Dan Didio; Robert Kirkman maybe called out his friends; and Alan Moore promises we only need two more Dragonballs before our wishes come true.
• Top 5 - The Band: We pick five comic book characters, assign them instruments and explain our reasoning, then name the band. Thanks to Liz Suburbia for the suggestion!
• Outro - Seriously, go listen to our Joshua Hale Fialkov interview. It is SUPER long, but very informative. He's an entertaining guy, both as a writer and a talker. You won't be sorry you listened! We thank him for being so awesome.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson might accidentally challenge someone to a duel one day. They just don't know. This show runs 1:17:43, and has a lot of giggling. Get the show from Fan Off, or listen to us on iTunes and think about us all day long.

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