Friday, August 12, 2011

The Tom Brevoort Interview!

We're taking over the whole week! Not really, but we are expanding to publish interviews on Fridays. This doesn't mean there will be an interview every Friday, but that when we do have one it will appear on said day. Go find us on Twitter. Email if you are a creator and want interviewed, or if you want to suggest an interview idea. Facebook could use you. Fanoff has MP3 downloads of us talking! Tumblr gives you plenty of ideas of how to be creative. Comic Booked has us and other shows too. Right now though...

Go listen to this interview we did with Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of Publishing for Marvel Comics, Tom Brevoort. Tom stopped by to talk with us about what exactly his job entails, and we delve deeply into the process Marvel uses to edit its stories, as well as their thoughts on finding and using new talent. It's a very informative interview. If you wanted to know more about how the comics get from the companies/creators into your hands, then listen to this!

Austin Wilson and David Hopkins love doing interviews. Don't forget, they'll be on Fridays from now on. This show runs 1:05:06, and is available from Fan Off, Comic Booked, and most importantly from iTunes!

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