Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#045.2 - The Joshua Hale Fialkov Interview

This companion piece to episode #045 is all thanks to Joshua Hale Fialkov! He stopped by for an interview, and we had a blast with him. He is the writer of the books "Elk's Run," "Tumor," "Echoes," as well as the forthcoming, "Last of the Greats," and "I, Vampire." Please go check his stuff out - "Tumor" is probably the best place to start - and show some love.

The interview is a very long one, but Josh talks in-depth regarding the writing process, as well as the comic industry in general, and then we all take turns cussing and talking about orgies. We like to cut a wide swathe through the broad spectrum of interests, and this interview is a great example of how that can go. Thanks to Joshua Hale Fialkov for stopping by to do the incredibly long and fun interview, and taking time away from his busy life! This show runs 2:01:32. Whoa. He rocks!

You can download this, and other shows from Fan Off, or especially on iTunes! Go do that!

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