Wednesday, November 9, 2011

#058 - A Little Dash of Truth, a Heaping Plate of Lies

Featuring Caleb Schmreen and Brent Hibbard, this episode is a HUGE one. We discuss Super Cute, our webcomic with Hibbard, then be kind of mean to Caleb. It's all pretty normal. Go over to Twitter if you're into having fun. You can email us through, and we'll answer your questions on-air!  Facebook has both us and Super Cute. Fanoff is the rocking place that hosts us, so go there please! Tumblr is prettier than you. Comic Booked holds us close and holds us tight, so go there too! The only way to make sure you get us all the time definitely is to subscribe through iTunes.

Episode #058:
• Intro -  We're weird and all, but then we talk about a deal from Discount Comic Book Services that is freaking insane. 
• Topic Thunder - Julie Taymor is suing the people she once loved; Brian K. Vaughan will adapt a gigantic Stephen King book for Showtime; Amazong releases a list of best graphic novels and we're only slightly dicks about that; and finally, Marvel hates you and doesn't want you to enjoy things.
• You Should Read This - Local, by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly; Batman: Under the Red Hood, by Judd Winnick, Dough Mahnke, and others; Lucifer: Devil In the Gateway, by Mike Carey and multiple artists.
• Listener E-mail - We answer a few questions sent to us from our loyal listener, Tiffany Strafe-bomb Piano C-4. The questions are about movies adapted from comics! Send us e-mail questions!
• Super Cute - We discuss our current experiment of running three strips a week for the month of November with Super Cute artist Brent Hibbard. Also, we talk about his process and how he's so pimp.
• The Listen Bitches - We each pick two songs. Holy moly. They are as follows: Birthday Girl, by the Roots; Freaks and Geeks, by Childish Gambino; Helix by Justice; Dissorder by Joy Division; Please Ask For Help by Telekinesis; and Feel It All Around by Washed Out.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson have, and do, dance with the devil in the pale moonlight. That devil is Caleb Schmreen. Episode #056 runs 2:11:17. Go check out our webcomic Super Cute, running three times a week in the month of November, with more content always on the way! Download more Hideous Energy episodes through iTunes or, and the circle will be complete.

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