Wednesday, November 3, 2010

#009 - Normalcy Is a Debate About Cheese Being An Animal

The debate about what animals live where rages on within the confines of Hideous Energy. Drop us a line and let us know what animals you see wherever you live. Tell us about them on Twitter, Facebook, or We finally defeated iTunes, and our show can now be subscribed to and downloaded through that glorious program. Now you can listen to us while you do things you'll never tell anyone about! Privacy is neat.

Episode 9:
• Intro: Animals, Ghostbuster references, and our friends Geek Week.
• Topic Thunder: Captain America pictures, including Chris Evans shirtless; the Walking Dead premieres as a TV show and even your grandma watched; and Marvel lied? Maybe.
• Gimme' the Goods: Austin talks about "100%" and David talks about "Spider-Man: Brand New Day."
• Normal Words: A brand new segment where we ask David's wife questions about this weird comic book world we live in.
• Couch Change: It is a huge week, with tons of stuff to buy. Please don't rob people in order to get them.
• Outro: We never leave without saying goodbye.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson could potentially be under extraterrestrial mind-control. They say and do things and then later wonder why they acted that way. This show runs 1:04:24, and it is like a freight train in your brain. Come back next week! And go check us out on iTunes!

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