Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#010 - The Totally Creeped Out Fred Chao Episode

When Hideous Energy loves you they show that love by telling you over and over, until they eventually reach the level of creepiness seen only by overbearing movie boyfriends (see: Mark Wahlberg in "Fear"). Ask them to stop, or confuse them even more on Twitter, Facebook, or Download the show on iTunes, and subscribe so you can get an episode delivered right to you. The guys promise they won't come in without knocking.

Episode 10:
• Intro: Singing and sweating! Yay!
• Topic Thunder: Ben Kingsley? (Jesus, what are we doing?); The Walking Dead's second episode hit TV, and we lose our minds (this means we talk about zombie physiology and gender issues, seriously); and we wax intellectual on Slice-of-Life tales. It is DEEP.
• Interview: Fred Chao! The creator of "Johnny Hiro" stops by and talks about everything, but mostly we make him talk about how much we love him.
• Top 5 - People Who Should Be Paranormal Detectives.
• Outro: We're talking to you, Geek Week.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson walk the line. This sounds somewhat boring, but when you think about Johnny Cash doing it, that changes. Guest starring Caleb Schmreen! This show runs at a monstrous length of 1:56:12. Maybe go take a nap to conserve your energy for next week's show. It will be on iTunes. And in your head.

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