Thursday, November 25, 2010

More Liz Suburbia and "Sacred Heart" - Party!

Recently we posted about a great webcomic called "Sacred Heart," and the writer/artist Liz Suburbia recently updated her blog with new pages. They aren't posted on the official "Sacred Heart" site yet, but you should go check them out on her blog.

The "Sacred Heart" kids are having a party, and so far Suburbia has perfectly captured the mad cacophony that a house party tends to bring into existence. There are odd rhythmic swells in sound, where conversations wax and wane, and this shapeless mass of people accidentally become synced up somehow, talking and moving and all looking for something similar if not exactly the same. She effects this feeling of being there, of having the party buzzing in your ear in such a believable way that you can't help but recall the last house party you survived.

Maybe the only downside to this is the pages fly by so quickly. The pace created by a party scene where a million people are doing a million things pushes your mind to take the information in faster and faster. Not that this is such a bad downside. I've re-read the pages a few times, and every time I end up smiling, remembering shouted conversations and all kinds of fun and boring and annoying and forgettable shit from house parties gone by.

Go read her webcomic.


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