Thursday, November 25, 2010

#011 - More Lies (and arguments about eyebrows)

There are times where our minds strike back against us, and force us to discuss things like record stores and DVD stores, rather than comics. Follow us on Twitter to get more of this, and be our fan on Facebook, and especially talk to us through iTunes is now a proud sponsor of Hideous Energy, because they let anyone put a podcast up there!

Episode 11:
• Intro: Bilbo Baggins has a problem.
• Topic Thunder: Pretentious record store quotes; parenting mistakes; Spider-Man (insert groan noise) has a musical; J. Michael Straczynski walks back to his office to nap; Green Lantern? Oh no, Green Lantern; Darren Arranofsky and Wolverine. Holy shit.
• Read 'Em and Weep: Austin talks about army monkeys; David talks about a guy you've never heard of, and won't like!
• Top 5 - Other Dumb Things They Could Do With Superman.
• Outro: Eyebrows.

David Hopkins and Austin Wilson are now conducting polls regarding eyebrow hygiene. They know no shame. What better way to cap off a show of 1:11:02 running time than with a discussion about eyebrows? Please continue to love us. We really can't go on without you.

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