Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Joe Hill Tweets Some News - This Would've Meant Nothing Once

Twitter is a weird place. It is a confluence of opinions and odd notifications that could probably go unsaid for the most part. Its existence isn't pointless by any means, although it is an odd creation of a society that is increasingly relying on technology for absolutely anything it can supply.

We have a twitter account under the name of HideousEnergy, and it falls into the category of Things That Could Go Unsaid, or even Things Liz Lemon Said Once. At first both David and I didn't see too much of a use for Twitter, but as it has existed longer and longer it has forced itself into our minds, and a huge amount of others'.

News is now disseminated through Twitter, arriving in forms from unofficial to official, and the ever-present internet version of absolute bullshit. Twitter has become a huge part of the entertainment industry because celebrities adopted it as a way to have nearly constant contact with their fans. It helps the entertainers maintain a presence, and it helps fans be creepy and stalkery in a whole new setting.

Here recently there was some news revealed on Twitter by Joe Hill, author of two novels ("Heart-Shaped Box," and "Horns"), a book of short stories ("20th Century Ghosts,"), and comic book series ("Locke and Key").

"Just saw the finished proofs of Jason Ciaramella's adaptation of 'The Cape' for IDW. Pretty stunning," Hill said, referring to an upcoming adaptation of his short story "The Cape" from his collection of short stories, "20th Century Ghosts." Hill went on to say, "So stunning we're turning a 1-shot into a mini-series. Howard's art is so, so great & folks are gonna be wowed by Nelson Daniel's coloring."

Now, because of Twitter, we know that there are more awesome comics coming from Joe Hill, albeit through the circuitous route of adaptation. Jason Ciaramella has already co-written a one-shot with Hill, a book called "Kodiak."

If you're looking for a preview for what could possibly be in store for you when "The Cape" hits comic shelves, go read the original short story. Also, keep your eye on Twitter. You never know what you'll find.

- Austin

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